Hey, I’m Matt (only my mom calls me Matthew) Stone. When asked to identify myself I tend to start with “Husband, Father, Developer.” I have an awesome family and spend quite a lot of time having fun with them. So it’s fitting that they contain two of the three. As a developer, well, I’ve written code for as long as I can remember. Starting with C some time around 11 or 12. I grew up in the era of being told to “RTFM” on IRC so I tend to be hard-wired to try to answer my own questions to a fault.

Like a lot in this industry I got my start in software because of my love of video games and my desire to create them. My game-of-choice for a long time was SubSpace/Continuum before being introduced to the Counter Strike beta. I wanted badly to learn to create those worlds I lost myself in as a kid. So my journey as a software developer started. Starting with C and then a fun stay with ActionScript (I preferred practical geometry to what they taught me at school) then my dark ages with PHP, Pearl, and Python. Finally landing theses days with “right tool for the right job, but mostly I like Rust.”

Professionally I work as a Senior Director of Software Engineering at a cyber security company. I have been working remotely for “valley” companies now for a good long while. Have enjoyed being a part of a lot of really awesome teams that have made me aware just of much “on the shoulders of giants” I stand. I’m constantly amazed by the genius people that exist in the world, and by what people can accomplish when they put their minds to something.

When I’m not in front of a computer you will likely find me trying to get lost outdoors. Doesn’t matter how…but I prefer it on a mountain bike. Woods, creeks, rivers, oceans, mountains. I enjoy hiking and kayaking and do it as frequently as I can.