Wireframe Flyover

Posted 7/14/18 by Matthew Stone

I was sick with the stomach bug the past couple of days. Which means I was stuck in a bed for 36 hours. During that time, when I wasn't sleeping, I decided to experiment a bit with Three.js and re-implement Daniel Shiffman's wireframe terrain. Being completely new to 3D rendering this was quite a bit of fun. If you're interested in the code you can find it here. The example is running here. I have a binary switch in the class for enabling or disabling stereo rendering for VR.

If you look through the code you'll see I started to implement a rocky texture for the plane. This doesn't work by just throwing the texture in because of how the noise is iterated through the plane to "mimic" motion. You'd need to actually move the plane or figure out how to offset the texture. If I get some more time to add to it I might finish out the texturing.

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