Developer goals

Posted 6/25/19 by Matthew Stone

Part of my job is to facilitate the development of StackStorm. I was recently coming up with some high level team member goals for the quarter and decided it would be good to jot down some areas I think developers should be proficient (or gaining proficiency) in. This isn't exhaustive by any stretch, and if you have any thoughts I'm interested to hear them.

  • Work Independently
    • Understand business outcomes
    • If there's down time, pick items that are most aligned with
      • Business outcomes
      • Your Interests
    • Pitch new enhancements
      • Identify new areas to improve/invent
      • Write discussion pitching new idea/implementation
      • Work to promote having in a release
  • Mentor Other Developers
    • Guide towards best nn
      • Open Discussion
      • Code Quality
      • Accountability
        • Test Coverage
        • Pull Request Review
      • Documentation
        • In-Line/Self-Documenting Code
        • Public API (Function/Class/Method) Docs/Usage/Examples
  • Artisanship
    • Care about quality/Doing a "good job"
    • Don't "code by coincidence"
    • Build, discover, share new tooling/methodologies
    • Be proud to share/publicize your code
      • There's almost never a reason not to share code internally
      • Sometimes it makes sense to share publicly (Open Source, Examples, Design, etc)
  • Efficiency
    • Understand economics of code
      • Try to properly gauge effort
      • Balance existing investment with rewrite/refactor
      • Don't reinvent the wheel/rebuild commodities
    • Beware "sunk cost fallacy"
      • If you've spent days on one solution you can never get that time back. Is it time to evaluate a new approach?
    • Beware "not built here" syndrome
    • Wisely use external services/libraries to boost productivity
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